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Learning About Cache

Cache is something your browsers use to store graphics and information you view on the internet to your local hard disk for quick viewing later. Many of your average users on the internet may not even know it exists.

The concept of Cache has good intentions but if you are accessing a website that frequently updates their information frequently, sometimes the information you access will appear to be outdated. That is because your browser is accessing information on your local disk rather than the new pages on the website's server. This can be especially true if you leave your browsing session open for long periods of time or if you are on a local area network.

The easiest method to make sure the information you are viewing is the most current is to hit the refresh button on your browser or to shutdown your browser periodically and then open a new browsing session.

There are ways to adjust your browser settings to search for the newest versions of pages stored on the website's server rather than looking on your local disk.

Heres how:

Using Internet Explorer, click on Tools>Internet Options>

Under Temporary Internet Files you can click and Settings and then choose Every visit to the page. Altough this setting may slow down your browsing between pages.